Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Images HD, Cards, Quotes, Wishes

You may be looking for a unique collection of “Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Images HD, Pics, Photos, Cards, Quotes, and Wishes”. Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims.

They perform fasting from sunset to sunrise every day in that month. They pray to Allah and do fasting. At the end of the month, they celebrate Eid.

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Ramadan Mubarak 2021 Greeting Cards and Pics

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Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims. Its the month of sacrifice.

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Ramadan fasting and discipline help to clean the soul. It also frees someone from harmful impurities.

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Ramadan month also teaches someone to practice important things. These are – self-control, sacrifice, self-discipline, and empathy for less fortunate people. People perform charity works and help the poor more at this time. So, all can learn to stand beside all in their trouble.

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Ramadan fasting also makes people health concern. They learn how to keep themself healthy and happy.

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Before fasting people take Sehri and they break the fast by iftar in the evening. This also teaches them discipline. This fasting process is very important for health, too. First sehri and first iftar are very important for Muslims. They do it with their family and close ones.

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First Ramadan Jumma has important significance. So, Muslims perform their prayer with a special arrangement. However, every Jumma is very important. All of them perform their prayer in the mosque.

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After this month, Muslims celebrate eid al-Fitr. After 30 days of fasting, they perform special prayer or namaz in the mosque together and then celebrate the day. Everywhere in the world, especially in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries take a festive look.

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